Supporting Sidekicks for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition


Dungeon Masters, have you ever had to postpone a session due to a last-minute cancellation by one of your players? We all have! Now, with Supporting Sidekicks, you don’t have to delay the fun! Our 120+ page supplement gives you enough options to drop a sidekick of any level into your campaign with minimal preparation so the fun can keep rolling!


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With Supporting Sidekicks, you’ll get:

  • 38 new sidekicks, each containing:
    • full-body art,
    • complete 1 – 20 leveling tables,
    • detailed ability/feature write ups,
    • a brief history, and
    • a 5e background (with personality trait, ideal, bond, and flaw)
  • 40 page Appendix containing Sidekicks converted to 5e NPC statblock format at various levels
    • This gives DMs the option to run sidekicks as NPCs instead



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