Ettinling Package


Once mighty two-headed creatures interested only in living a life of solitude… what have they now become?

Introducing the ettinling, a new player race designed to be played by two players!



Included in The Ettinling Package:

  • A brand new 5e player race, the ettinling, balanced around being played by two separate players.

    • Each player picks their own class and levels up individually
    • Rules governing how spells, hitpoints, armor class, combat, and saving throws work
    • Lore on how the ettinling came to be and how they fit into society, with unique art throughout the supplement
    • 6 new feats that are be suitable for this new race
  • A Dungeon Master inspiration section, containing:

    • Tips and tables on how to roleplay ettinling non-player characters
    • A 3-page short adventure with an ettinling guarding a bridge
    • A Printable DM & player map for the encounter (or whatever adventure you wish to run)
    • 3 ettinling NPC statblocks, each with backgrounds, unique art, and statblocks
    • 6 new ettinling tokens

Also Available for Virtual Tabletops:
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