Mordenkainen’s Candlekeep Collectibles


Uncover Mord’s findings in this companion to Candlekeep Mysteries. Its pages are filling to the brim with art, lore, magical items, spells, player archetypes, an archive with 600 book titles & descriptions (all in one nested rollable table!), non-player characters, and battle maps — all aimed at helping you expand the Castle of Tomes!



Included in Mordenkainen’s Candlekeep Collectibles:

  • Introduction on Mordenkainen’s Exploits in Candlekeep

    • Brief overview of the archmage’s greatest contribution to the castle,
    • A summary of The Seekers.
  • 26 Magical Items

    • 5 magical spellbooks,
    • 21 magical items.
    • Detailed Art to demonstrate the magic they contain.
  • 10 New Spells

    • Cantrips to world-bending 9th level spells added to your repertoire,
    • Balanced for the 5e D&D ruleset.
  • 4 Class Archetypes

    • Barbarian: Path of the Arcanorager,
    • Cleric: Seeker Domain,
    • Fighter: Renaissance Warrior,
    • Pale Master: Elegy of Heedance
  • Candlekeep Book Archive:

    • Libraricon containing 600 custom book titles & descriptions,
    • Six d100 random tables to generate find books on the spot,
    • Realm-fitting lore compatible,
    • Populate the archives of Candlekeep like never before!
  • 6 NPCs / Sidekicks:

    • New NPCs with art, stats, and a lore to drop into your campaign,
    • Unique quest hooks for each NPC,
    • Compatible with Supporting Sidekicks, so the NPCs can be run as sidekicks and accompany your players!
  • 6 Battlemaps:

    • DM & (printable) player battle maps to expand adventures in Candlekeep,
    • Maps can easily be used on virtual tabletops,
    • Player versions of the maps are provided as an additional download.



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