Little Bag of Sand & Other Things


Little Bag of Sand & Other Things contains the following:

  • 5 New Ancestry Options
  • 63 Optional Features
  • 2 Full Classes
  • 5 Dual Feats (Feats You Can Take Twice)
  • 9 New Spells
  • DM Tools


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What’s Inside?

  • 5 New Ancestry Options
    • Levanesling: A chameleon race that can blend in with their environment, and hit things with their tongue.
    • Mischieflēs: A rat-like race that uses radiation exposure to channel temporary mutagens.
    • Otterfolk: An otter race that has four different styles, and is great with tools.
    • Sanderige: A sand cat race that can mold earth, gain power from taking poison damage, and survive in the harshest of environments.
    • Xochi: An axolotl race that can regenerate, charm, and breath air and water.
  • 63 Optional Features
    • A total of 63 new optional class features, adding new options and customization for every official class, along with Mercer’s blood hunter.
  • 2 Full Classes
    • The Witch: An Intelligence full-casting class that amasses power by gaining corruption. Gain too much corruption, however, and a witch turns into a hag (no, seriously).
    • The Nocturne: A space-themed martial support class that uses abilities called eventides to bend light, gravity, and aid their party in many other ways.
  • 5 Dual Feats (Feats You Can Take Twice)

    • The Gambler Feat: A feat that allows you to wager dice, risking everything in a moment.
    • The Nocturne Initiate Feat: A feat that allows you some of the nocturne class’ abilities.
    • The Trader Feat: A feat that allows you advantages when buying, selling, or trading items.
    • The Traveler Feat: A feat that focuses on benefits based on worldly travel and movement.
    • The Witchcraft Initiate Feat: A feat that grants some of the witch class’ features.
  • 9 New Spells
    • Change Places: A spell that lets you and another willing creature switch locations.
    • False Object: A spell that turns objects into mimics.
    • Kinetic Relay: This spell reduces your speed to 0, but allows the target to move with a burst of speed, and pass this ability on to other creatures.
    • Nevermind: A bard and sorcerer spell that lets you cause a creature to forget a short phrase.
    • Otiluke’s Thought Experiment: A wizard and witch spell that lets you change a save you make to an Intelligence saving throw.
    • Reflective Barrier: A spell that creates a damage reflecting barrier.
    • Summon Ooze: Exactly what it sounds like.
    • Vecna’s Undying Waltz: A necromancy spell that can save you in a terrible moment, but also makes you Undead.
    • Wild Reach: A spell that turns an arm into a long, thorned bramble that pierces through foes at a distance.
  • DM Tools
    • A New Backstory Generation method
    • New & Alternate Conditions
    • Surrounded: An alternate flanking rule
  • FAQ
    • An FAQ document with answers to the questions most asked during testing. Should your question not be included, please post it in the Discussions section on this page!


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