Disturbed Graves


An Intelligence-based 3/4 caster class with: 6 archetypes, unique undead summoning spells, and haunting abilities.


Seeking dominance over the undead? Need some minions to do your bidding? Get ready for the ultimate class to Raise the Dead!

Included in Disturbed Graves:
  • The Pale Master, a fully-fledged class for 5th Edition D&D.
    • Unique Intelligence-based 3/4 caster class
    • Interesting summonable undead creatures, each ready to do your bidding (skeletons & zombies are taking a backseat)!
    • Five (5) lore-packed archtypes (called elegies), including: Decay, Dread, Enduring, Revenge, and Twilight
    • Amazing custom artwork throughout the supplement, created by the amazingly talented Bob Greyvenstein
    • Inspiration from the UA Artificer, spun in a new direction with Macabre Creations: unsettling magical items ready for the pale master to craft!
  • Additional player options not exclusive to Pale Masters in the form of Undead Grafts:
    • Twenty (20) Undead Grafts that can be obtained by any class, not just Pale Masters
    • Rules (and costs) for putting undead grafts into your campaign
    • Descriptions & lore for each graft!
    • Heavily inspired by Libris Mortis (3.5e) and Open Graves (4e). Many of the items & graft contained with in this supplement were converted into 5th Edition from these works!

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