Grimlore’s Grimoire


Grimlore’s Grimoire is a FREE (pay-what-you-want) 59-page tome of knowledge that contains 226 new spells for DMs and players, balanced for the D&D 5th Edition ruleset!


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What kind of a supplement is this?

This supplement has been created as a passion project and released freely to the D&D community as a Pay What You Want title! I’ve been a DM for years and, with the help of my players, created tons of homebrew content. This tome represents a massive list of homebrew spells that we’ve used over the years! After trimming the quirky ones and balancing the rest, we’re left with a spellbook containing over 200 new spells across all spell levels; Cantrips to 9th level.

What are you waiting for? Give your players some new spell options for their characters to employ… or maybe you should teach some of Grimlore’s spells to your NPCs! Spice up your encounters with some incantations that will be foreign to your players!


  • 226 new unique spells balanced for 5th edition,
    • 43 – Cantrips
    • 36 – 1st level spells
    • 32 – 2nd level spells
    • 28 – 3rd level spells
    • 23 – 4th level spells
    • 24 – 5th level spells
    • 19 – 6th level spells
    • 7 – 7th level spells
    • 8 – 8th level spells
    • 6 – 9th level spells
  • Spells listed alphabetically by level and indicating which classes get each spell,
  • A dedication from the tome’s author; the deathless Pale Master Grimlore, wishing those who find this tome good luck on their adventures,
  • Notes and art included throughout the tome for readers to obtain some insight into the author’s thought process,
  • An additional printer-friendly version of the PDF.


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