Karthax – The Living Tower


Explore The Living Tower, a 2nd – 8th level adventure for four to six players.


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Karthax – The Living Tower is a D&D5e dungeon delve where players explore multiple floors, each with unique challenges and roleplaying. Starting at 2nd level and progressing to 8th level, each floor within The Living Tower is progressively more difficult and contains unique monsters and non-player characters that are fully illustrated, with backgrounds and tips for Game Masters on how to run these denizens of the tower.

Karthax – The Living Tower contains the following:

  • BACKGROUND LORE on Karthax & The Living Tower, so they can easily be added to your long-running campaign.
  • 9 UNIQUE FLOORS that can be run sequentially or as one-shots.
  • OVER 60 UNIQUE MONSTERS & NPCS with detailed backgrounds and motivations, making them more than just cannon fodder!
  • 100+ PIECES OF ART fully illustrate this book.
  • TOKENS FOR EVERY CREATURE that can be printed or used on virtual tabletops.
  • BATTLE MAPS for each floor, suitable for print & play or use on your favorite virtual tabletop (72dpi).
  • HYPERLINKED & BOOKMARKED PDF so you can quickly navigate the book and find the information you need.


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