Adaptable NPCs II


Grab the sequel to one of the top-20 best selling titles on the DMs Guild!

  • 110 NPCs with custom art, lore, statblocks
  • 12 short adventures
  • printable battlemaps
  • tokens for online play


Also Available for Virtual Tabletops:
Fantasy Grounds


Dungeon Masters, immerse players in your world by bringing the non-player characters to life, again!

Contained within this supplement are 110 NPCs with unique statblocks, each with custom art, lore, and a stat block balanced for the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Challenge Rating system.

Additionally, 12 short adventures have been included. These adventures have been created for Dungeon Masters to introduce their players to some of the Adaptable NPCs with minimal preparation. Each adventure has high-resolution printable battle maps created by Justin Andrew Mason (DM & Player versions are included), an adventure background, a recommend party level, and room descriptions with encounters (both combat and roleplaying) utilizing NPCs from this supplement and the 5e monster manual.


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