Icewind Dale – Setting Guidebook


“The reality of existence here in Icewind Dale is harsh indeed, an environment unforgiving, where one mistake will cost you your life.”

~Drizzt Do’Urden

Find new magic items, archetypes, monsters, GM variant rules, a short adventure, and multiple battlemaps, all structured to helping you expand your adventures in Icewind Dale.


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  • Expanded lore for Ten-Towns & surrounding areas:

    • History on each of the ten towns, dwarven valley, the open tundra, and Kelvin’s Cairn,
    • A listing & short description of inns, taverns, shops & other points of interest,
    • A sample quest hook for each of the ten towns, with maps!
  • 5 new player archetypes:

    • Barbarian: Path of the Volitile Lands,
    • Monk: Way of the Frozen Disciple,
    • Pale Master: Elegy of Algid,
    • Rogue: Shadow Scrounger,
    • Sorcerer: Frozen Soul.
  • Dungeon Master optional rules:

    • Resting in cold weather conditions,
    • Icewind Dale Random Weather table,
    • Tables with scaling DCs for resting on the open tundra or on a mountainside.
  • A 3-6 hour custom adventure path:

    • An adventure that can be dropped into Rime of the Frostmaiden, or any cold-weather adventure set in the Frozenfar,
    • Meet the long-forgotten Reghed barbarians from the Tribe of the Remorhaz,
    • Save the other barbarian tribes from this new threat! If you don’t, conflict could involve Ten-Town folks,
    • NPCs, monsters, and a battle map will help Dungeon Master run this short adventure.
  • 14 unique magical items:

    • New magical items created specifically for the frozen north,
    • Each item has a unique piece of custom art.
  • A Frigid Folio containing 16 new beasts & NPCs:

    • New NPCs and monsters to drop into your frozen campaigns,
    • Art, lore, and balanced stats across different CRs will help you bring these monsters & NPCs to life!
  • 12 Battlemaps:

    • DM & (printable) player battle maps for the sample quest hooks & adventure path,
    • Maps created for use on virtual tabletops,
    • Player versions of the maps are provided as an additional download.


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