Adaptable NPCs


Grab one of the best selling titles on the DMs Guild today!

  • 70 NPCs with custom art, lore, statblocks
  • 8 short adventures
  • printable battlemaps
  • tokens for online play

Grab this Adamantine Best Seller today!


Dungeon Masters, immerse players in your world by bringing the non-player characters to life!

Contained within this supplement are 70 NPCs with unique statblocks, each with custom art, lore, and a stat block balanced for the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Challenge Rating system.

Additionally, 8 short adventures have been included. These adventures have been created for Dungeon Masters to introduce their players to some of the Adaptable NPCs with minimal preparation. Each adventure has high-resolution printable battle maps created by Justin Andrew Mason (DM & Player versions are included), an adventure background, a recommend party level, and room descriptions with encounters (both combat and roleplaying) utilizing NPCs from this supplement and the 5e monster manual.

Also Available for Virtual Tabletops:
Fantasy Grounds


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