Unearthed Spoils #015 – Wondrous Wares


Each volume of Unearthed Spoils is packed with full-color art illustrating different types of content surrounding a central theme: Class Archetypes, Character Backgrounds, Magical Spells, Magic Items, Monsters & NPCs; all tied together with an epic Adventure!


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Storekeepers selling magical items make the world go ’round — IF you can afford their prices!

Unearthed Spoils #015 – Wondrous Wares contains the following content:

  • BACKGROUND: BARTERER – Growing up as a child of tinkers has given you an advantage in the art of the deal.
  • MERCANTILE SPELLS – Six invaluable spells to help you negotiate both urban and wilderness encounters.
  • WONDROUS WARES – One merchant’s inventory of magical goods, if you can afford them. Ten game-changing items from a high-end armorer are on display, or tucked discreetly under the counter.
  • CONSTRUCTS AND CREATURES – Eight new NPCs looking to peddle their wares — you’re going to love to hate them.
  • 4th-LEVEL ADVENTURE – A noble charlatan is using ill-gotten magical armor to create his own army of constructs. The merchant and master armorer whose inventory was stolen is offering some heavy buffs for the retrieval of their merchandise.




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