Unearthed Spoils #005 – Purgatory Awaits


Each volume of Unearthed Spoils is packed with full-color art illustrating different types of content surrounding a central theme: Class Archetypes, Character Backgrounds, Magical Spells, Magic Items, Monsters & NPCs; all tied together with an epic Adventure!


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The lower planes ascribe to chaos and wanton violence. Its hierarchy embodies “survival of the fittest” – irony at its best.

Unearthed Spoils #005 – Purgatory Awaits contains the following content:

  • FIEND DOMAIN – This order of clerics is dedicated to cleansing the mortal realms of foul demons.
  • CIRCLE OF THE RAVEN – These druids see the world through the unique view of corvidae that bridge nature and myth.
  • BACKGROUND: INTERPRETER – A born diplomat, it’s time to bring those hidden skills to the foreground.
  • OUTSIDER SPELLS – The lower planes call for some unique arcana to combat a fiend’s natural resistance.
  • MAGICAL ITEMS OF THE PLANES – Magic items imbued with spells of permanence can separate the heroes from the fools.
  • CODEX DEMONICON – Twenty new demons to challenge your sanity – and your very soul.
  • 7th-LEVEL ADVENTURE – A legendary item has been sundered into four parts that now lie in the hands of rising demonlords. Even one of these treasures could bring fame and fortune to a party willing to descend into the chaos to retrieve it.


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