Unearthed Spoils #001 – Spellbound Spelunking


Each volume of Unearthed Spoils is packed with full-color art illustrating different types of content surrounding a central theme: Class Archetypes, Character Backgrounds, Magical Spells, Magic Items, Monsters & NPCs; all tied together with an epic Adventure!


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The underdeep holds many wonders. They are hard to see, hidden in the darkness behind the dangerous and deadly things that are content to keep them untouched by the light.

Unearthed Spoils #001 – Spellbound Spelunking contains the following content:

  • SHADOW DOMAIN – Not all that lives in shadow is evil. These clerics believe succor is empty if it is only salvation for the light.
  • CIRCLE OF STONES – These druids venerate the living stone.
  • BACKGROUND: MINER – You know your way around a tunnel, and the difference between striking gold and a fool’s errand.
  • SPELUNKING SPELLS – A trip to the underdeep isn’t complete without scribing these arcane incantations into your spellbook.
  • DEEP MAGIC ITEMS – A dozen magic-imbued items that will make your subterranean travels legendary.
  • LIVING NIGHTMARES – A roster of creatures you don’t want to meet, but inevitably will, in the underdeep.
  • 9th-LEVEL ADVENTURE – A mining town of deep gnomes is threatened by an influx of intruders following a deadly patron. It will take a brave group of heroes to face down this underground menace in this harrowing adventure.


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