The Rift


This adventure has been designed for a party of five or six 8th level characters and contains custom monsters balanced for the 5e challenge rating system. A beautifully hand-drawn map by Blue Sword Games (including player and DM versions) has been included.



Discover a dark gateway connecting the Material Plane to Avernus, the First Circle of the Nine Hells!

When searching for a way to enter Avernus, an adventuring party finds a mysterious volcanic lair called The Rift. Rumors say that a long-neglected dark gateway to the Nine Hells resides within. However, those telling the tails have left out an important detail… Your players will be in for a nice surprise when they meet Bolgauc, an obsidian golem constructed by fiends in service to the Archdevil Zariel. This adventure has been designed for a party of five or six 8th-level characters.

Will the players survive when they confront this monstrosity in its lair?

Also Available for Virtual Tabletops:
Fantasy Grounds



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