Adventures in Ravenloft


A massive supplement containing ten adventures, each set in a different Domain of Dread of Ravenloft. This book is designed to give you and your players some things to do when you pick up Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft! In addition to the ten adventures, it contains 26 new NPCs, 26 new magic items, and over 25+ custom battle maps in both gridded and non-gridded form.


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Included in Adventures in Ravenloft:

  • Introduction on Ravenloft and the Adventures
    • A brief overview on the Domains of Dread.
    • Short summaries on each of the adventures.
  • Ten Adventures set in the Domains of Dread

    • Each adventure set in a different Domain of Dread
    • The adventures are all designed for four to six players of a variety of Adventure Tiers.
    • All with unique art.
    • Five authors wrote two adventures each, providing a vast array of adventure styles.
  • 26 Magical Items
    • Rewards and treasures
  • 26 New NPCs
    • Custom NPCs for each adventure
  • 1 New Spell
  • 25+ Maps
    • DM & Player battle maps for the adventures
    • ZIP file containing all maps, in both gridded and non-gridded versions


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