Grim Press Adventure 3 Pack


This bundle contains the 3 following Grim Press adventures:

  • The Rift
  • Nightfall
  • Mountain Summit


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This bundle contains the 3 following Grim Press adventures:

Discover a dark gateway connecting the Material Plane to Avernus, the First Circle of the Nine Hells!

When searching for a way to enter Avernus, an adventuring party finds a mysterious volcanic lair called The Rift. Rumors say that a long-neglected dark gateway to the Nine Hells resides within. However, those telling the tails have left out an important detail… Your players will be in for a nice surprise when they meet Bolgauc, an obsidian golem constructed by fiends in service to the Archdevil Zariel. This adventure has been designed for a party of five or six 8th-level characters.

Will the players survive when they confront this monstrosity in its lair?

Something sinister is afoot near the town of Secomber, and you need to stop it!

Nightfall is a short adventure for 4-6 players of 8th to 10th level, in which the players enter an unsettling graveyard to find it has become inhabited by a plague vampire. This creature has contaminated the large oak tree in the center of the graveyard, giving it the ability to continually raise creatures from the dead. To make matters worse, the vampire has also enslaved two flesh golems, which have been bound to a stone slab outside her mausoleum. What vile purpose could these monstrosities serve?

Will your party be able to figure out this horrifying scenario and defeat the vampire before she buries them in her graveyard?

You’ve been waylaid on the way to the Ten Towns, and these hags play for keeps!

Mountain Summit is a short adventure, involving an expedition up the side of mountain where a coven of bheur hags made their lair atop the snowy peak. Toiling in the suffering of others as all hags do, this particular coven serve in worship to Cegilune; hag patron of the moon. They intend to raise an army of icy constructs and attack the town of Hundlestone to test the power of their newly acquired magical horn. This adventure has been designed for a party of five or six 13th-level characters.

Will your players be able to defeat the coven and save the town?


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