Allies & Antagonists: A Big Book of D&D 5e NPCs


A seemingly endless supply of non-player characters need your help to become a reality. Clairvoyant clerics, brutal barbarians, pious paladins, fierce fighters, and cunning conjurers are vying for a place in your RPG campaigns!


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Allies & Antagonists: A Big Book of NPCs is your complete resource for breathing life into your non-player characters. No longer will your players need to converse with a simple guard or commoner. The NPCs detailed in this book give Game Masters unique art, lore, and game stats; you’ll be sure to find something suitable to help craft memorable adventures at your table!

Allies & Antagonists contains the following:

  • NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS – Introduce your players to over 100 new NPCs, each with unique art, lore, and game stats.
  • MAGIC ITEMS – Some of the NPCs in this book wield power magic items. Maybe they will offer one as a reward?
  • ART – Enjoy a fully-illustrated book with over 125 pieces of amazing art by Bob Greyvenstein.
  • HYPERLINKED PDF – Each of the NPCs is broken down by Challenge Rating, with hyperlinks so you can quickly navigate the book.
  • 200 PAGES – There is no shortage of content here! Enjoy 90,000+ words spread across 200 pages full of NPCs to populate your campaigns!


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