5E Automatic Effects – All Rule Books Bundle


5E Automatic Effects is a series of modules to aid Game Masters and Players by automatically adding coding effects in the 5e D&D ruleset on the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop platform.


Instantly add effects for all items, spells, class features, racial traits, (and more) found in the D&D 5e Source Books.

5e Automatic effects represents the most comprehensive, easiest to use, and cost-effective way to add fully coded effects to Fantasy Grounds.

These modules pre-build all possible custom and spell effects for your equipment, magic items, spell scrolls and spells, organized into separate modules for each book. Each book will be added to the 5e Automatic Effects bundle as it is completed, allowing you to purchase the entire collection at a discount!

Although the 5e Automatic Effect modules can be used stand-alone, they were designed from the group up to work with the Equipped Effects Extension. When used in conjunction, adding coding effects is as simple as adding an item to your character’s inventory – the extension handles everything else!

Watch the video below for more information:


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